Payment Terms

Payment Options

Category One Terms Account: Companies Listed With Dun & Bradstreet
If your company is listed with Dun & Bradstreet (, we may extend a credit line as recommended by DNBi upon request. If you would like to be set up for terms account, please notify us when you are ready to place your first order so that we can establish a terms account for you once payment terms have been established. You may then place an order by sending your purchase order by to for immediate processing. If your order exceeds the recommended credit from DNBi, we may request payment for the balance by credit card or company check.

Category Two Terms Account: Pre-Approved Customers
Customers pre-approved for credit terms are the following:

  • Fortune1000 Companies
  • Government organizations (city, county/parish, state, or federal)
  • Public Institutions (school districts, two and four-year institutions)

Customers who fit this category do not need to submit a credit application – simply email a copy of your purchase order to us online. We will accept most purchase orders from customers in this category. However, we reserve the right to request further documentation depending on the size of your order. Customers in this category are also still subject to our credit review and approval processes based on information provided by Dun & Bradstreet.

Alternate Payment Options

If your organization does not qualify for a terms account by either of the categories above, we may be able to accept payment by one of the following methods.

Wire Transfer Payments

Bank wire transfers are the fastest and most secure method of payment from any organization. In the US, domestic wires are processed same day and in many cases orders ship out that afternoon. International wires are processed next day and may have an additional delay from the issuing bank before funds arrive in our account. Please contact us to advise us of the exact amount of your wire transfer so we can match this up with inbound credits to our bank account. Any overpayments from wire transfer can be used towards future orders, no refunds or cash back will be issued. For immediate processing of your order, please send copy of completed wire transfer receipt to

Short Term Lease

For established business clients requesting monthly payments, short term leasing may be available through our financial partners at TimePayment. Please advise your account manager when a quote is requested so the lease approval process can be incorporated into the working timeline for delivery. In most cases, approvals are issued within 24-48 hours so there is minimal delayed compared to other payment options.

Credit Card Payment
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express and validate all credit card transactions with the issuing bank. For prompt processing of your credit card orders please be sure the following information is entered:

-Complete card number with expiration date and card security code (CSC)

-Bill to and Ship to Address for your order should be the same. If they are different, Ship to Address must be on file with issuing bank as an authorized address for the credit card account or be an established location for your organization that is verifiable through a credit check.

Note: Due to the increased levels of credit card fraud on the internet and the extraordinary levels of fraud seen in our industry, we have implemented the strictest rules on credit card acceptance. We are a B2B company and recognize that credit card payment is a popular option for our business clients. We will verify your complete account information at the time of sale and keep this information on file for future payments. However in addition to meeting address verification requirements above, we may not process your credit card orders if you use a personal email account (i.e. yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.).

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience from our policies, however we expect to be the leaders within our industry in protecting cardholders and preventing future identity fraud victims. We also cooperate with Local and Federal authorities to prosecute every incident of credit card fraud to the fullest extent of the law.

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