C30e Firmware Update

This printer has been discontinued. Please see the replacement model, HID Global’s Fargo C50 ID card printer.

The steps below will help you through the process of updating the firmware of the DTC C30e printer. Note: this model was developed for use with the Windows XP operating system, with only limited support offered for Windows Vista. Any attempt to use the printer with a newer system are unlikely to be successful.


  • Go to: http://www.fargosupport.com
  • Choose type of product –printer
  • Choose printer c30/c30e

Printer Firmware

  • Click on Persona c30e Firmware
  • Choose Save File Click Ok

Download Window

  • Click Twice on D34Version 4301.frm


  • Click on Extract Files
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Next
  • Click on Finish

D34Version 4301

  • Right click
  • Click on SEND TO
  • Click on Desktop (it will save it on Desktop)

Start Button

  • Click on Desktop START
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Printer/Faxes
  • Right click on C30/C30e
  • Click on Printing Preferences

C30 Card Printer

  • Click on Diagnostics

Printer Select

  • Click on C30/C30e
  • Click on OK -Printer off line click yes
  • Click on -Print Spooler
  • Click on- Select File to Print


  • Click Desktop (left side of the screen window)
  • Look for file- D34Version4301.Frm
  • Double click on File

Notice: File name shows on window:

  • C:\Documents and setting\admin\
  • Unplug the power cable
  • Hold the two buttons on the top of the printer
  • While holding the buttons plug the power cable back on
  • Click on Send to file to printer -Lights should blink fast to reset
  • Insert the new ribbon 45000

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