Gold Support Plan

ID Card Printer SupportAdvantIDge is committed to insuring you have the best in class experience with a Gold Support Plan for your security identification system. Giving you the peace of mind that we will go above and beyond to keep your system up and running is our pledge. AdvantIDge Gold Support goes well beyond the normal terms of the manufacturer’s warranty to offer your organization a variety of benefits that can mean the difference between success and failure in a ‘can’t be down’ situation for your ID badge printing system. Even better; our support plans are sold to organizations, so the plan applies to all the ID badge printers you own.

Clients with an active Gold Support Plan have access to the following benefits designed to ensure complete end to end support for entire life of the plan.

  • Gold plan member service requests receive the highest level of priority from our support team and support requests will be responded to immediately. All of your organization’s repairs will receive top priority as well. They will be addressed as soon as they arrive in our depot and you will receive an update with 24 hours on the status and diagnosis of your repair.
  • The plan includes a free hour of remote training to be used at any time during the course of the plan. Excellent for either start-up training or for new user support. No more needing to figure it out alone or with the use of confusing manuals. (Valued at $195)
  • AdvantIDge will pay for all of the shipping on ALL repairs for the life of the plan.
  • The first repair is free. Whether it’s a repair that the manufacturer’s warranty wouldn’t cover, or a repair on a printer whose warranty has run out, we’ll fill the gap left by the existing warranty. (Valued at $295)
  • We take care of the entire repair, end to end. Even if it requires help from the manufacturer, we take care of everything. No being handed off to a new person partway through the process.
  • Sometimes you will find yourself in a ‘can’t be down’ situation and can’t wait for a repair time, even an expedited one. A few manufacturers offer a loaner  while their printers are being repaired. Most won’t go that far for their customers. AdvantIDge has a selection of popular printer models and gold plan membership gets a client eligibility for rental services.

Today, businesses of all sizes choose AdvantIDge because our ID card systems deliver guaranteed reliability with personal attention from qualified account managers and support technicians. We take pride in our 360 degree approach to complete customer satisfaction while our end-to-end ID card solutions help clients protect physical and intellectual assets in today’s digital age. Whether you issue hundreds or millions of ID badges each year, count on AdvantIDge to help you conduct business productively and efficiently. Contact us today at 800-965-5932 to give your team the confidence in supporting your organization or request a custom contract based on your needs.

Terms and conditions do apply, you can see a breakdown on Tech Support Plans.