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Fargo Support tips for use on their printers.

In addition to the Asure ID software specific tips shown below, we here at AdvantIDge have shared a number of troubleshooting tips that can apply to just about any printer via our weekly blog. Take a look at just a few of the stories from our Tips & Tricks section;

Here are some common questions that we get about HID Global Asure ID Badge making software specifically;

Asure ID Support Questions

How do I get my templates and data from Asure ID 5.X into Version 7?

When moving the data from the version 5.x Asure ID to the new Asure ID 7 version, you need to:

  • Copy the version 5.x database to the PC that the Asure ID 7 is installed on or copy it to a shared driver that the new PC has access to.
  • Then run the Import function to import the templates and data from the 5.x database into the Asure ID 7 database.
  • In most cases this means copy/paste the database from the version 5.6 to a location on the PC with the version 7 so that you can browse to the 5.6 database when running the Template and Data import above.
  • The version 5.6 database will not work directly with the version 7 Asure ID software so you cannot paste the 5.6 database into the same folder as the version 7 database.

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