Government ID Cards

Government agencies issue a variety of Identification Cards pertaining to particular spheres of the industry. Entitlement cards, employee identification cards, health insurance and other benefit cards, birth certificates, hunting and fishing licenses, boating licenses, state driver’s licenses, firearm registration cards, and countless others are examples of the varied uses of government ID cards in the high security/high data world of governmental agencies.

For unexpected disasters governmental agencies can further be prepared with an emergency management solution from Advantidge, which can help ensure that government personnel and first responders are badged and identified for organization within an emergency situation. Choose your emergency management ID card design based on the level of security and visibility that meets your particular needs.

Advantidge supplies ID Card Printing Systems and printers for creating custom ID cards featuring bold colors, clear photo-quality images, signature panels, magnetic stripes, bar codes, holographic overlaminates, and smart card capabilities. Data capture devices and visual elements can serve to further enhance the functionality of ID cards by reducing the risk of tampering, counterfeiting, or using ID cards without authorized access.

Governmental facilities which require a high level of security for the protection of sensitive data and/or people, can ensure that only authorized access is permitted at any time. In an industry which processes high volumes of information, the data management capabilities of ID Cards and their appropriate Photo ID Softwares can ensure that the maintanance of information remains easy and error-proof.Secure Government ID Badges

Security in Government Badges

Visual verification applications such as holographic ID foils and overlaminates can be embedded in ID cards or applied directly onto the plastic card surface. In addition to supplying a visual security element, holograms considerably increase card protection against fraudulent duplications, as holographic laminates are incredibly difficult to replicate, and holographic foils can be embedded below the card surface as well. Holographic overlaminates can be of a standard off-the-shelf design, or custom created for the ultimate in security.

Advantidge Photo ID Systems are ideal for:

Eco-friendly ID Solutions for Government Agencies

Advantidge recognizes that many governmental agencies would like to adopt or maintain an eco-friendly approach to their business, and in support of this Advantidge offers several earth friendly ID products that can be used in place of conventional ones. Advantidge features corn cards, recycled PVC cards, biodegradable cards, as well as bamboo and recycled lanyards, all serving to replace conventional ID Badging products without sacrificing quality!

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