Gym Membership

Advantidge offers ID Card Printing systems for creating Gym Membership and Loyalty Cards. With large membership pools and a high volume of daily traffic, gyms must rely on the Access Control and Data Processing capabilities of secure ID Card Systems. Membership cards can be conveniently located on key tags, lanyards, or in badge holders for-on-the-go convenience, where they can greatly speed up the check-in process. Photo ID Software programs store member information in a database, making data management both easy and accessible.

Gym services, classes and equipment are for the sole use of paying members, and ID Card Systems from Advantidge ensure that unauthorized access to gym facilities and services is not possible. By showing a member ID card or swiping one through a magstripe reader / scanning one with a barcode reader upon entrance to a facility, authorized users can be verified while those who do not have a Membership ID Card or who have a fraudulent one can be identified and stopped! This is the most effective way of keeping non-club members from entering secure facilities.Gym Membership ID Cards

The most basic ID Card printing application for gyms is the creation of single-sided membership cards using a single-sided ID card system, that prints the member’s photo on the card surface for verification. More advanced security techiniques would inlcude encoding technologies such as barcodes and magstripes, which can track a patron’s gym use every time their card is swiped at entry or exit. Signature panels, fingerprint scans and holographic laminations are further security elements that may be added to gym member cards for increased protection.

Custom Holographic ID Foils and Overlaminates can be used on gym membership cards to add an extra layer of security, protecting them against fraudulent and counterfeit activities, as well as from UV rays and wear and tear, and holographic overlays can be custom designed to display the unique logo of a facility.

Eco-friendly ID Solutions

Advantidge recognizes that many organizations would like to adopt or maintain an eco-friendly approach to their business, and in support of this Advantidge offers several earth friendly ID products that can be used in place of conventional ones. Advantidge features corn cards, recycled PVC cards, biodegradable cards, as well as bamboo and recycled lanyards, all which serve to replace conventional ID Badging products without sacrificing product quality!

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