Healthcare and Hospitals

Hospital ID CardsProfessional security ID card systems from Advantidge make it possible to print personalized healthcare ID cards for employees, patients and visitors.

Color coding ID cards within a hospital environment ensures that patients can clearly identify doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative personnel, while Healthcare employees can just as easily identify their patients and visitors to the facility.Healthcare Professional ID Card

ID cards and Identity Security Systems are important tools in securing multiple entry points to a Healthcare facility. Proximity Cards featuring smart card technology keep tresspassers out, while Expiring Visitor Badges can be used to grant temporary access to authorized visitors (ex: limited access during visiting hours.)

Smart Card technology is also a great tool to feature in your patient ID cards to streamline the processes of patient check-in/check-out as well as the administering of care, as patient data can be retained within the smart card technology, and be pulled up on a computer when the card is swiped through a magstripe reader or scanned with a barcode reader. For returning patients this is an efficient time-saver!


Advantidge ID Cards and ID Card Systems can be used for:

  • Healthcare facility access control systems
  • Healthcare facilitator Identification Cards
  • Expiring visitor badges
  • Patient ID cards
  • Cashless on-site food and beverage purchases
  • and more…

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