Library Cards

Library Membership ID CardA library card is a type of membership card which contains the contact information of library patrons, and serves as proof of library membership when checking out books. Library cards are commonly printed on plastic PVC cards the same size and shape as credit cards.

Plastic ID cards are made of durable PVC, and depending on the card design can feature professional looking library logos, variable text, a signature panel or magnetic stripe for magnetic name badges. Magstripe cards can be used for tracking customer activity, while barcodes and holographic laminates can also be added to library cards for further functionality.

Advantidge provides the tools necessary for creating secure library cards to expedite book-checkout and streamline input of library member information content. With a high functioning ID Card Printer and user friendly Photo ID Card Software in one of our ID Card Systems, attractive and functional library cards can easily be created on site and in minutes!

Advantidge encourages library customers to insert a smartcard function into their plastic member cards to provide members access into online library databases from their home computers, and libraries which have special reading rooms and exclusive collections reserved for select members or staff can use Proximity Cards to ensure access to these rooms remains secure.

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