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Military ID BadgesAdvantidge is proud to provide ID cards for the identification of troops, family members, retirees, and others associated with the U.S. Military. Military ID Badges are often technologically advanced due to the high security needs of Military related operations, and ID Cards containing Barcodes, Magnetic Name Badges, Smart Card technology and Proximity Cards used in conjunction with Fingerprint and Signature Capture Devices provide this necessarily high level of security in military ID cards.

These days the military mostly uses multi-functioning ID cards that can be used with a wide variety of applications and purposes. These multifunctioning technology cards provide security by protecting entry into, and exit from military facilities, as well as restricting access inside of military buildings, so that only those who are authorized to enter certain areas will be admitted. In this way the safety and protection of sensitive data and personnel will be maintained through a secure ID Card System. Secure Military Access Control ID Card System

In the high traffic / high security sphere of the U.S. Military, data management and processing are of the utmost importance. These processes are made easy with Photo ID Software programs that can store photos and personnel information in a database that is accessed each time entry to a secure facility is attempted.

An advanced level of visual verification in ID Cards can be achieved with the use of Holographic Foils and Overlaminates, which are embedded directly into plastic cards or applied to their surface. Using Holographic Foils and Overlaminates on ID Cards serves to add a layer of visual security, while also protecting them against fraudulent duplications and daily wear and tear. Holographic Overlaminates can be made with standard off-the-shelf designs, or with designs custom made for the Military, for one-of-a-kind security.

For unexpected disasters military agencies can further be prepared with an emergency management solution from Advantidge, which can help ensure that military personnel and first responders are badged and identified for organization within an emergency situation. Choose your emergency preparedness ID card design based on the level of security and visibility that meets your particular needs.

Eco-friendly ID Solutions for Military Applications

Advantidge recognizes that many organizations would like to adopt or maintain an eco-friendly approach to their business, and in support of this Advantidge offers several earth friendly ID products that can be used in place of conventional ones. Advantidge features corn cards, recycled PVC cards, biodegradable cards, as well as bamboo and recycled lanyards, all which serve to replace conventional ID Badging products without sacrificing product quality!

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