Advantidge is happy to work with Evolis, whose aim remains making plastic ID card printing widely available and affordable, while offering simple, on-demand customized ID printing solutions to bring quality to the largest scope of business users. Since its founding in 1999 Evolis has never stopped innovating and investing in Research and Development, and this focus on continuous innovation has resulted in numerous product launches and range renewals in response to market evolutions.
Evolis ID Card Printers
Today Evolis is a European leader in ID card printing technology and among the top five vendors in the plastic ID card printing industry, as well as an environmentally friendly company that quickly complied with the two directives relating to its industry. Evolis has adopted environmentally friendly practices within its facilities as well.

Advantidge is proud to offer the comprehensive range of Evolis plastic ID card system solutions for graphic, magnetic and electronic (contact and RFID contactless chip cards) personalization of plastic ID cards and badge, which Evolis designs, manufactures and markets.

Advantidge offers the following Evolis ID Card Printers:

  • Zenius Classic Compact, modular, easy-to-use and delivers superior single-sided print quality. Certified ENERGY STAR compliant!
  • Zenius Expert Single-Sided ID Card Printer features USB and Ethernet TCP-IP ports, as well as multiple encoding options that can be combined in the same printer. Certified ENERGY STAR compliant!
  • Primacy With Wi-Fi Connectivity and Locking System features performs easy, flexible and fast ID card printing.
  • Quantum 2 The modular encoding and printing system for centralized card production.
  • Securion For double-sided printing, encoding and lamination of secure badges.

Evolis ID card printers serve a variety of applications and markets. Join the many corporations, governmental agencies, educational organizations and local authorities that already trust Evolis for solutions in secure plastic card personalization.

Evolis ID Card Printers can create and personalize:

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