Custom Holographic Overlaminates

Custom ID Card Holographic OverlaminatesA photo ID printed on a plain white ID card can be very easily replicated by tech-savvy counterfeiters using today’s advanced digital technologies. Holographic Overlaminates provide ID cards with an extra level of security by adding Visual Security Elements (VSEs) that are extremely difficult to duplicate, while being easy to verify.

Evolis Custom Hologram Overlaminates now available for use with the following Evolis ID card printers:

As the above are not inline laminating ID card printers those using just a single Evolis ID card printer can swap out the color or monochrome printer ribbon for the custom hologram overlaminate, in order to create ID cards with both features. Those with two Evolis ID card printers can run their ID cards through both printers simultaneously, using one for color printing and the other for the application of the custom holographic overlaminate.

  • Minimum order quantity is 50 rolls
  • Quick turnaround time of 9 weeks (average)
  • Lots of security feature options available, with possibly more than any other manufacturer!

Contact us today to learn how you can take advantage of secure custom hologram printing using your Evolis ID card printer! 800-965-5932.

Your organization’s ID Card can be protected from counterfeiting and tampering by adding one or more personalized VSEs to your ID card system.

Visual Security Elements:

Custom Hidden Text
An  invisible microscopic alphanumeric type which can only be viewed with a laser or high-powered magnification. Ideal for high-level security applications where verification of authenticity is critical.

Custom Micro Text
This microscopic type is very detailed and cannot be duplicated with dye sublimation, ink jet or laser printers. This is an excellent covert feature for authenticating an ID.

Custom Pseudo Color
This feature is difficult to duplicate, and very easy to verify. By tilting a card one way metallic, holographic tones appear in the image, while tilting it the other way reveals saturated, true colors along with atomic numbers and other details.

Custom Flip Image
This feature provides a sophisticated level of animation that is extremely difficult to duplicate, featuring left/right, top/bottom or any combination of opposite facing artwork.

Custom 2D/3D Ribbon
This feature provides a complex background image of artwork combining images of 2 and 3-dimensional flowing ribbons. Requires no special lights or readers to verify.

Custom Fine Line Design (Guilloche)
Complex fine lines too small to be reproduced, that give the illusion of motion when viewed at an angle. Easily verified by the naked eye.

Custom Morphing Images
Graduating images that give the illusion of animation. Very time-consuming and difficult for ID card counterfeiters to duplicate.

Call us today to learn how you can create secure custom holographic overlaminates to be used with your ID card printer, 800-965-5932.

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