Custom ID Holograms

Custom ID Hologram Visual Security ElementsRapid advances in digital printing technology have made the counterfeiting and forging of fraudulent ID cards very easy. Using Secure (600 dpi resolution) and High Secure (1,200 dpi resolution) custom ID holograms in your ID card system can deter ID card counterfeiters and secure your organization.

Visual Security Solutions:

Combine a range of standard and custom Visual Security Elements (VSEs) to make ID cards that are easy to authenticate, and almost impossible to forge or alter.

Visual Security Elements provide the building blocks and flexibility necessary to design a visually secure ID card. Choose from the following 3 levels of custom-designed VSEs based on your security needs:

  • Level 1: Overt (Two VSEs minimum) Overt VSEs are visible to the human eye and designed to make ID authentication easy to verify. Overt VSEs include:
    • Flip images
    • 2D/3D imaging effect
    • Pseudo color
    • Fine line designs (Guilloche)
    • Morphing images
  • Level 2: Covert (One VSE minimum) Covert VSEs cannot be read by the human eye without a peripheral device to interpret and visualize. The Covert VSEs are:
    • Hidden text
    • Micro text
  • Level 3: Forensic (One VSE minimum) Forensic VSEs are the most difficult for a counterfeiter to detect – requiring extraordinary efforts to reveal and replicate. The Forensic VSE is:
    • Nano text

    Overt VSEs act as sophisticated visible deterrents. They discourage replication and help to provide instant authentication.

    Covert and Forensic VSEs offer a higher level of card security, providing unforeseen obstacles for counterfeiters. If a fraudulent ID card is created, verification of these missing microscopic elements can lead to the discovery of a counterfeiter.


    • Secure (200 dpi resolution)
    • High Secure (1,200 dpi resolution) holographic images
    • Solutions include Holographic Foil Cards, Holographic Overlaminates and Holographic HDP® Film

Today, businesses of all sizes choose AdvantIDge because our ID card systems deliver guaranteed reliability with personal attention from qualified account managers. We take pride in our 360 degree approach to complete customer satisfaction while our end-to-end ID card solutions help clients protect physical and intellectual assets in today’s digital age. Whether you issue hundreds or millions of ID badges each year, count on AdvantIDge to help you conduct business productively and efficiently. Contact us today at or call 800-965-5932, we provide excellent customer service!


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