Expiring Visitor Badges

Expiring Visitor ID BadgesA budget-friendly solution for effective visitor management is the Expiring Visitor Badge, which identifies and manages the traffic of all visiting persons who enter and leave a facility so no visitors go undetected, and offers the convenience of identification without requiring the purchase of an ID card printer. Advantidge knows it is important to ensure that your facility remains secure at all times, and one of the best and easiest ways to do this is by knowing who is on or within your facility premises.

Ideal for schools, member only clubs, office buildings, government, military, city transportation and businesses of all types which require visitors to check-in at their time of entry. Expiring visitor badges are the perfect security management solution for tracking visitors, contractors, vendors, temporary workers, volunteers, substitutes and students, and they can prevent/ deter fraudulent access of facilities, resources, or information stored on physical media by requiring that temporary ID cards be issued to visiting guests.Expiring Visitor ID Cards

Expiring visitor badges can ensure that you know the name of every visitor, so trespassers can be clearly identified, preventing unauthorized access to equipment, material, documents and personnel, safeguarding against espionage, sabotage, damage, and theft. Expiring visitor badges are tamper-proof and ideal for cost-effective, short-term visitor control. No hardware, photo ID software or electronics are required for their use, and they expire visually to prevent unauthorized re-use. Visiting time at your facility will stay regulated with the use of self-expiring guest badges.

Once activated a visitor badge lasts a set number of hours before it reads void, at which time a highly visible color, word or symbol will appear, alerting authorities that authorized visiting time is up. Trespassers with expired visitor badges can easily be identified up to as much as 50 feet away with this visible change in badge color, making expiring visitor badges great for special events and entertainment venues.

Expiring visitor identification badges are available in various expiration time-frames including Half Day (4 hour), Full Day (8 hour), Full Day (12 hour), Full Day (18 hour), One Week, and One Month. Expiring visitor badges are customizable and available in a variety of badge designs. Average badge size is 3″ x 2″ to be worn in the same way as plastic ID cards printed through a traditional ID card system.

Advantidge offers several options for security management with expiring visitor ID badges including adhesive, red and yellow pre-punched card BackParts, thermal printable and manual card FRONTparts, a complete manual TIMEbadge solution pack, and the CARDclip clear plastic badge clip for use with expiring visitor badges. For protection against wear and tear consider adding a secure badge holder. Call us today for more information! 800-965-5932

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