Generic ID Card Holographic Overlaminates

Generic ID Card Holographic OverlaminatesA photo ID printed on a plain white plastic ID card can very easily be replicated by counterfeiters using today’s advanced digital technologies, but ID cards printed with Holographic Overlaminates contain an extra layer of security against counterfeit tampering, making them secure holographic ID cards.

Secure ID Card Holographic Overlaminates contain within their designs Visual Security Elements (VSEs), which are visual features that are extremely difficult to duplicate, yet easy to verify. Your organization’s ID cards are more secure against counterfeit tampering and reproduction when they contain a Holographic ID Card Overlaminate. In addition to protecting against illegal tampering and reproductions, holographic overlaminates also serve to protect your ID cards against daily wear and tear, and can be personalized using your ID card printer.ID Card Holographic Overlaminate

Holograms from Advantidge create counterfeit-proof ID cards, and are virtually impossible to copy because of their unique visual effects. They cannot be replicated by computer scanning or altered with color copiers or standard printing equipment, making them a highly secure defense against the threat of fraud or theft by counterfeiters. Secure Holographic Overlaminates add visual security elements that are difficult to forge, and can make your entire ID Card System and organization more secure.

Examples of Visual Security Elements found in Secure ID Card Holographic Overlaminates:

  • Hidden Text: An invisible microscopic alphanumeric type viewable only with a laser or high-powered magnification.
  • Micro Text: A very detailed microscopic type that cannot be duplicated with dye sublimation, ink jet or laser printers.
  • Pseudo Color: When card is tilted metallic, holographic tones appear in the image. When tilted the other way saturated, true colors are revealed.
  • Flip Image: Left/Right, Top/Bottom or any combination of opposite-facing artwork.

Advantidge offers these ID Card Printers for the application of holographic overlaminates in your ID Card System:

If your ID card printing operation requires additional card security consider applying a custom ID card holographic overlaminate in order to create custom hologram ID cards. To learn more about custom holographic ID overlaminates please call 1-800-965-5932 to speak with one of our industry experts about custom holographic options! Advantidge maintains the highest level of confidentiality and your Secure Custom ID Card Holographic Overlaminate, as well as company information, will remain securely protected with us. This information is never shared with other departments or organizations.

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