Holographic Foil Cards

Holographic Foil ID CardsHolographic Foil Cards are a solution to protect your ID cards without the need for using lamination equipment. Holographic Foil Cards provide a high level of protection and their visual security elements are an actual part of the card itself, embedded either on the card surface or just below it, beyond the reach of counterfeiters. Holographic foil cards can be used in ID card systems so that your organization can have personalized secure cards!.

 Custom Verimark™ Card

This solution features your custom 2-D logo, text or graphics on an opaque 2D foil embedded with your organization’s logo, text or graphics on the ID card surface for an easy-to-verify visual counterfeit deterrent.

Custom Metallized Foil Card

This solution features your metallized foil graphic embedded below the plastic ID card surface, providing maximum durability and resistance to counterfeiting and tampering, and remains an ID card that can be personalized with your ID card printer.

Custom Translucent Foil Cards

These PVC cards features your translucent foil graphic embedded below the ID card surface, with designs incorporating customized Visual Security Elements, to create effects such as a translucent “watermark” on the card. To create a completely personalized ID card design incorporate a photo ID software program into your ID card printing system.

Custom Holomark™ Card

This solution features the graphic of your choice turned into a one-of-a-kind hologram that’s permanently embedded onto the surface of your ID card for a solution which is virtually impossible to duplicate as a fake ID card, yet is easy to validate. Custom HoloMark Cards can feature  multiple diffractive angles, nano text and laser-viewable images available in gold or silver.

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