Holographic HDP Film

Holographic HDP ID Card FilmHolograms on identification cards add multiple levels of security, and using Holographic HDP Film produces highly tamper-proof and durable cards with crisp 300 dpi images, even on technology card surfaces. Because HDP film is applied during the printing process, there is no need for a separate lamination station, so HDP Holographic films can incorporate seamlessly into your existing ID card system!

Applying Holographic HDP Film can improve both the durability and security of your ID cards. Holographic HDP Films provide edge-to-edge holographic coverage on ID Cards and can be customized. Overlaminates featuring standard or custom holograms serve to create unique ID cards that are difficult to forge, yet easy to verify.

To learn more about custom ID holograms please call 800-965-5932 to speak with one of our industry experts about custom holographic options! Advantidge maintains the highest level of confidentiality and your Secure Custom ID Card Holographic Overlaminate, as well as company information, will remain securely protected with us. This information is never shared with other departments or organizations.


Direct-To-Card Printing Vs. High-Definition-Printing

ID Cards which are printed using Direct-To-Card ID card printing technology and then laminated with a polyester patch or thin film are more vulnerable to counterfeit activities than those made with HDP films, as their overlaminate and card data can be accessed and altered.

Holographic HDP Films add a further level of card protection because the data printed onto HDP Films (with High Definition Printing) is securely fused to the card surface, making it very difficult to remove or corrupt the HDP-printed data. Any attempts made at manipulating HDP printed cards will result in such damage to the card that it cannot be repaired or re-used. Any tampering with the HDP films is immediately apparent. See HID Global’s Fargo HDP5000 ID card printer for more details.

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