ID Card Printer Care

ID Card Printer Cleaning KitID card printers are an investment and, much like an automobile, need regular maintenance to keep them running at optimal levels. While specific recommendations vary by manufacturer, here are some useful tips that can help extend the life of any ID badge printer and preserve consistent print quality in your ID card system.

Tips For a Healthy ID Card Printer:

1. Use the recommended ID card printer ribbon for your printer and make sure it is installed correctly. A properly installed ribbon will be aligned and fit securely.
ID Card Printer Cleaning
2. Always use good quality blank ID cards that are clean and make sure they stay free from dust on the shelf and in the ID card printer.

3. Routinely clean the ID card printer. A good rule of thumb is to clean your ID card printer every time you replace the printer ribbon. Be sure to use the cleaning products and procedures recommended by the manufacturer.

4. Always keep your ID card printer located in a clean environment where it won’t be exposed to excessive dust, moisture, coffee, soda, etc…

These simple steps can prevent the most common complaints including printer ribbons breaking, plastic PVC ID cards jamming, general print failures and card feeder issues. For more detailed information regarding your ID card printer see our ID Card Printers Support Page or contact us at 800-965-5932.

If your ID card printer requires more intensive troubleshooting and repair, Advantidge has factory trained and certified technicians prepared to handle any repairs or issues for you. We also sell a full range of ID card printer cleaning products to help keep you on track. Together we can work to ensure your ID card printer has the longest lifespan possible!

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