Oversized ID Cards

Event Oversized ID CardBig events in places with large crowds in open spaces are a huge challenge for security professionals. Security in these circumstances is made more efficient with the use of Oversized Photo ID Badges. These oversized ID cards are the perfect security tool for professional sports events, concerts, awards ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, airports and government, military and political conventions because security personnel can easily identify VIPs, athletes, artists, authorized personnel, featured speakers and audience members/ fans from a distance.

Oversized ID badges work great as festival and concert tickets, all-access and backstage passes, NASCAR pit passes and sporting event tickets. High profile celebrity and international events such as the Super Bowl, World Cup, Baseball All Star Game, Indy 500 and Rose Bowl all use oversized ID badges to keep their events secure and organized behind the scenes.
Oversized ID Badges

Oversized ID cards are the professional’s choice for ticketing and accreditation purposes. They are easily noticed from a distance and have enough space for generic and individualized information such as an identification photograph, name, and note as to whether someone is an employee or guest, as well as room for graphics, advertising, maps or rules. Oversized ID cards are also commonly used for visas, passports and other secure documents because they are easy to recognize, but difficult to duplicate as there are few ID card printers on the market with the ability to create this type of ID card.

Oversized ID Card Event TicketOversized ID cards are available in plastic PVC card stock. A CR-100 card measures 3-7/8” x 2-5/8”/ 98.5 mm x 67 mm and is 42% larger than a standard CR-80 credit card sized ID card. Due to the increased size, oversized PVC cards can’t be used in a regular ID card system and must be used in appropriate oversized ID card printers.

Some add-ons and features for oversized ID cards include custom holographic overlaminates, oversized ID badge holders, and custom printed ID lanyards.

AdvantIDge is happy to offer the following oversized ID card printers:

  • *Recommended* SwiftColor SCC-4000D – The SCC-4000D oversized ID card printer provides single pass efficiency printing 3.5” x 5.5” oversized ID cards.
  • Magicard Rio Pro Xtended – Efficiently produces secure extra-long ID cards for ticketing, accreditation and product labeling. Features the patented HoloKote security system.
  • Magicard Rio XXL Pro – Large Format ID card printer. Creates professional, durable and secure oversized ID cards for those special events which require a highly visible identification card. Features Magicard’s HoloKote high security watermark.

AdvantIDge offers a wide variety of all of the card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or identification card needs. From card printers and supplies for issuance, through to badge clips and other peripherals to put them into your users hands. With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your identification goals. For specific information please contact our Sales department at sales@advantidge.com or call 800-965-5932 for more information on this update, we provide excellent customer service!

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