UHF RFID Technology

UHF RFID technology is a long range proximity card technology which allows special cards to be read from a distance of several feet instead of from just a few inches away from a card reader. With UHF technology cardholders don’t need to walk right up to a card reader in order for their cards to be read. This makes UHF technology perfect for use in access control at sporting events and large-scale entertainment industry productions such as live concerts. UHF technology can also be used for access control (the most popular application for proximity cards) and tracking people and objects, etc.

The frequency used for ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID systems varies between 860 and 960 MHz (902 and 928 MHz in North America, 868 MHz in Europe and at 950 MHz in Asia / Japan). The extended read range capabilities of UHF technology enables faster and more accurate tracking, and it is widely used for secure access control, waste management, shipping and receiving, fleet management, and pallet and goods tracking systems.

UHF can also be used in ID card systems for securely protected door access control. In the cases of vehicle access to secure parking areas using UHF technology, cardholders may remain in the safety and comfort of their vehicle while their credentials are automatically authenticated or denied by the UHF system. The powerful reading capabilities of UHF eliminate the need for cardholders to stop at the door of a facility and manually swipe their magnetic stripe card or proximity card.

Perhaps the greatest strength of UHF in RFID applications is the marriage of long read range with anti-collision technology, which allows several hundred RFID tags to be read simultaneously. Traditionally, slow data transfer speeds limited the need for a significant memory capacity in each ID card, but UHF has attained read rates levels that enable instantaneous data transfer, of even larger amounts of information, at any time. The advance of UHF technology is creating incredible opportunities for the security industry to continue helping to maintain a more secure world.

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