ID Printing Software Slowdown? Image Size May Be to Blame

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ID Printing Software Data Storage Limits

What is the issue?

You have 1,200 ID cards to print before tomorrow. You use a hi-res camera and your image quality is fantastic. Double-clicking the Asure ID icon, coffee in hand, you wait for the program to open… and then you wait some more. Ten minutes go by. Still, you aren’t up and running. Is this thing broken? The clock is ticking… after several restarts and more waiting, it takes eight deep breaths to resist pounding fists on the keyboard like a disgruntled gorilla. Congrats for refraining. 

During the busy season, waiting for ID printing software to process for a minute can feel like a century. So how come when the pressure is on, your software seems to taunt you with long lag times?

The answer is simple: data storage limits. 

AsureID uses Microsoft Access as its database manager. All data stored within AsureID and some other ID printing software is saved to a hidden Microsoft Access file with a storage limit of 2 GB. Photos saved from a credential cam or an integrated webcam are rather small (25kb max) but with the use of some cameras the file output of images tends to be quite large (5MB +) This is to allow fine editing in Photoshop or Corel.

Because these photos are large, once they are loaded into AsureID they will be saved onto the Access database. Given that school photographers and other large-volume printers print out in batches of 1000+ at a time, a 5MB photo will not allow for the entire database to be stored in Microsoft Access. This shows up as a severe slow down in AsureID processing, if not total unresponsiveness.

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