Law Enforcement

With numerous States requiring all law enforcement and peace officers to carry secure identification cards, Advantidge provides plastic card printing solutions! The specifications outlined in HB 3613 require a list of information that must be included on a peace officer ID card. While the list appears lengthy these requirements are easily fulfilled by our unique ID systems which have been designed specifically to meet the demands of enforcement applications.

For unexpected disasters law enforcement agencies can further be prepared with an emergency management solution from Advantidge, which can help ensure that law enforcement and first responders are badged and identified for organization within an emergency situation. Choose your emergency management ID card design based on the level of security and visibility that meets your particular needs. Law Enforcement Identification ID Cards

Typical Law Enforcement ID Card Specifications:

  • Full name of the peace officer
  • A photo of the officer which is consistent with the peace officer’s appearance, taken with a photo ID camera
  • If applicable, the signature capture of the person appointing or employing the peace officer
  • A description of the peace officer’s height, weight and eye color
  • A thumbprint, identification barcode or magnetic badge with a unique identifier for the peace officer
  • A phone number that is operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week that may be called to verify the validity of the ID card
  • The following must be printed on the card:
    • “State of _____”
    • Peace Officer ID Cards: “This identification card certifies that (insert peace officer’s name) is commissioned by (insert name of law enforcement agency or other governmental entity that appoints or employs the peace officer) as a (insert “full-time peace officer” or “part-time peace officer”).”
    • Reserve Law Enforcement Officer ID Cards: “This governmental identification card certifies that (insert reserve law enforcement officer’s name) is commissioned by (insert name of law enforcement agency or other governmental entity that appoints or employs the reserve law enforcement officer) as a reserve law enforcement officer.”

Other typical requirements:

  • The peace officer’s identification card must be recovered upon resignation or termination of the peace officer
  • The identification card issued expires on a date specified by the law enforcement agency or other government entity issuing the card
  • The identification cards must be tamper-proof to the extent practicable, and can incorporate ID holograms for protection against counterfeit ID card reproduction

More advanced identification card visual verification techniques include holographic ID foils and overlaminates, which can be either embedded in your cards or applied onto their surface. In addition to adding visual security, holograms considerably increase your card’s protection against fraudulent duplication.

Holographic foils can be hand applied or for even greater security, embedded below the plastic card’s surface. Likewise, holographic overlaminates can contain standard, off-the-shelf designs, or a custom hologram can be created for the ultimate in security.

With over 200 law enforcement departments as existing customers, we have a wealth of experience to help new clients get set up quickly with their secure ID systems. To learn more about our custom bundled solutions for please call us at 800-965-5932 to speak with one of our industry experts and make your project a success.

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