Gift and Loyalty Card Systems

At the foundation of this program is a PVC card system designed to bring loyalty programs to independent retailers. This program provides two primary services in one convenient package: electronic gift cards and automated customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty Gift Card Systems
Electronic Gift Cards

Our electronic gift card program replaces your manual paper-based gift certificates that are cumbersome to manage, hard to track, time consuming for your staff to issue and far less secure. You will be able to design your own eye-catching full color cards that act as a marketing piece at the point-of-sale and in your customer’s wallet. You can print out a large batch at your convenience, change the design with seasonal promotions or even personalize them to the client they are being issued to. These multi-functional cards can be used to preload value for customers and earn rewards in your own customized loyalty card program featuring a professional plastic ID card printer. As an added bonus, electronic gift cards eliminate the practice of giving cash back for unused balances which turn into unused dollars for which your business has already received payment.

Electronic Loyalty Programs

loyalty gift cardOur PVC card program replaces your manual paper-based “punch-style” loyalty cards that are difficult to manage and are rarely secure. An Electronic Loyalty Program is supported by feature rich ID card software that will not only drive repeat purchases but also simultaneously build a customer database for use with ongoing marketing promotions. You tailor the reward structure to fit your business, selecting whether a visit frequency, point-based system or actual dollars spent works best for you and your customers.

Revenue Generating Potential

There is an enormous potential to generate incremental and ongoing revenue for your business with gift and loyalty tools. Research shows that gift and loyalty cards can increase customer spending 20-40%.

Gift and loyalty cards are proven marketing tools; most major retailers have invested millions of dollars in these programs and continue to do so. This program is an excellent opportunity for your business to capitalize on that initiative without a huge financial investment in research and development. The Advantidge LIFT program provides everything your business needs to launch your own loyalty program ID card system, all you need is a PC and customers! From fully customized color ID card graphics to flexible reward options, the program is designed to meet your unique needs and set your business apart from the competition and make you money!

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