Asure ID 7

The newest generation of Asure ID photo ID software is here with Asure ID 7!

Featuring a friendly and intuitive interface that makes photo ID card design and data entry a breeze. Choose Your Source and easily print plastic ID cards from records stored in the internal database. With real time data exchange through Live Link, you can share across multiple workstations directly from your network’s HR, security or ERP database, adding Oracle, MySQL, LDAP and DVTel support.

The iDIRECTOR® encoding module improves smart card development and deployment and supports iCLASS® and HID PROX, as well as MIFARE® and DESFire® card serial number (CSN) reading and you can multi-task with tabbed navigation, while effortlessly switching between ID card design and data entry, managing each independently.

Asure ID 7 provides a dramatic speed boost, and everything you need to design and populate your ID cards is right in front of you in a crisp, clean environment that allows you to glide from data entry to ID card design to printing and reporting! Asure ID 7 fits seamlessly into your existing ID card system!

Asure ID 7 Solo Card Software

MSRP: $250 each

Asure ID 7 Solo is the perfect entry-level photo ID card personalization software that is simple to learn and is loaded with useful features to improve the issuance and management of entry level photo ID cards. Asure ID 7 Solo features a highly intuitive user interface that utilizes a familiar Microsoft® Ribbon look-and-feel, for minimal […]

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Asure ID 7 Exchange Card Software

MSRP: $2850 each

The powerful integration, enrollment and encoding modules of Asure ID 7 Exchange photo ID software ensure a quick and seamless gateway with your other existing database sources. It also includes a revamped programming module, iDIRECTOR, with added functionality including MIFARE application programming and support of iCLASS Physical Access Control Application  Encoding. With Asure ID 7 Exchange everything […]

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Asure ID 7 Enterprise Card Software

MSRP: $1750 each

The Asure ID 7 Enterprise user interface offers much more than just good looks. It allows multiple workstations to share a common database over a network! The advanced, yet intuitive, ID card design processes of Asure ID 7 Enterprise provide a dramatic speed boost for designing ID card templates and entering cardholder data. With Asure ID […]

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Asure ID 7 Express Card Software

MSRP: $850 each

Asure ID 7 Express is the ideal photo ID software choice for organizations looking for an affordable and easy-to-use stand alone photo ID card software with advanced ID card design and batch printing capabilities. Asure ID 7 Express is built on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for greater stability and interoperability, and is a powerful design tool […]

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