Earth-Friendly ID Cards

AdvantIDge recognizes that regular PVC plastic is not a renewable resource. Instead of using the usual non-renewable PVC cards in your ID card system, print your ID Cards with Recycled PVC or Biodegradable PVC Cards! Both deliver in quality of product, but rely on environmentally friendly resources instead of conventional PVC plastic. Use eco-friendly ID cards for creating high quality, durable and counterfeit-resistant ID cards and membership badges with your ID card system and keep your company secure!

Print your personal information on Eco-Friendly ID Cards using a professional ID card printer. Eco-Friendly ID Cards can be used just like conventional ID cards, and they work in all ID card printers.

The industry standard size plastic ID cards used to print ID cards on every ID card printer is CR80/30 credit card size. These plastic cards have a high polish finish, with a graphics quality, vision inspected rating, and are shrink wrapped in a box of 500 to keep them clean for your use. Once a package has been opened always handle blank ID cards with care, as dust and debris can be carried by ID cards into an ID card printer, causing irreparable damage to the printhead.

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100% BIODEGRADABLE ID Cards with HICO MagStripe, CR80/30, 500 count

# BIO-Card/Mag Hi
MSRP: $110 each

These 100% biodegradable ID cards with high-coercivity magstripe PVC are just as durable and reliable as traditional PVC ID cards, but without the harmful environmental effects caused by using regular non-biodegradable PVC ID cards. BIO-PVC name badges completely biodegrade within one to five years when disposed of properly*! BIO-PVC HICO magstripe ID cards hold up within […]

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BIO-Card-PLUS 100% BIODEGRADABLE Blank White CR80/30 ID Cards

MSRP: $95 each

Buy eco-friendly ID cards for the price of standard! These 100% biodegradable PVC ID cards are just as durable and reliable a traditional PVC ID card, but without the harmful environmental effects caused by using regular PVC ID cards, which are not biodegradable. BIO-PVC ID cards completely biodegrade within one to five years when they […]

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