HID Fargo ID Card Printers

hidplatinum blueWhen it comes to photo ID cards, every organization has different requirements. That’s why HID Global FARGO offers two different card printing technologies to match your needs for ID badge appearance, smart card functionality and security. No matter which technology you choose, you can be sure that it meets Fargo’s high standards for print quality, durability and value.

HDP®: High Definition Printing™

DTC®: Direct-To-Card Printing

  • Produces excellent image quality by printing directly on plastic cards
  • Good print quality on technology cards with embedded electronics
  • Ideal for mid-and entry-level security
  • Available with the new DTC1500 (soon to be discontinued DTC1250e, DTC4250e, DTC4500e), ID Badge Machines
  • Applications: State and local government ID badges, student ID cards, medium-to-small corporations, health care ID cards, non profit organizations, membership, gift and loyalty ID card programs

Click here for information on the FARGO® Printer Wi-Fi Accessory.

To learn more about the latest generation of HID Fargo printers click here: https://advantidge-staging.kfrnluyh-liquidwebsites.com/2016/04/01/new-hdp5600-hid-global/