ID Badge Reels

2120-3305 Heavy Duty Black ID Badge Reel Steel Cord, 100 count

MSRP: $240 each

This Heavy Duty Badge Reel with Steel Wire Cord, Slide Type Belt Clip and Reinforced Vinyl Strap Clip is the best value ID badge reel for heavy-duty ID card applications! Heavy-duty ID badge reel Black and Chrome with reinforced vinyl strap, and steel wire cord. BLACK and CHROME reel. Reinforced vinyl strap. Steel wire cord. […]

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2120-3101 Round Solid Colored Plastic Clip-On ID Badge Reel, Black, 100 count

MSRP: $188 each

A popular ID badge reel! Black round ID badge reel with solid colored case and silver sticker. BLACK color. Slide type belt clip. Reinforced vinyl strap. 100 count. We offer excellent customer service! Call us today for personalized assistance, 800-965-5932. Find more ID Badge Reels with AdvantIDge.

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