Magicard Holopatch ID Cards

What stops someone from copying your ID cards? With cards printed from most ID card printers absolutely nothing, but with personalized ID cards made with Magicard ID card printers, ID cards have an extra layer of protection with their unique HoloPatch highly reflective gold ‘super-diffuser’ patch.

Magicard’s HoloPatch places the HoloKote security watermark logo on the front of your personalized ID cards, clearly visible under any lighting condition and completely unique to Magicard. HoloKote with HoloPatch has an appearance that is similar to holographic patches, but available at a fraction of the cost because HoloPatch ID cards with HoloKote increase the security of your ID cards easily and cost-effectively.

HoloKote protects all kinds of ID cards from tampering and forgery, and the watermark image on the front of HoloPatch ID cards requires arms-length inspection in order to confirm that the frosted security logo is authentic and intact, ensuring through several levels of security that your ID cards are safe from tampering. Including Magicard’s HoloKote to your ID cards creates a more secure ID card system for your organization.

For even greater security, HoloPatch ID cards combined with standard, Custom HoloKote or Custom HoloKote Flex provide a mark that allows long-distance visibility and verification. By combining the ultimate in card security with clear simplicity security guards at entertainment events or receptionists at corporate offices can easily verify event and corporate ID badge authenticity from distances of six feet or more.

HoloKote and HoloPatch can be used with all Magicard-direct-to-card ID card printers as these security features are selectable as printing options via the driver of your Magicard ID card printer. HoloPatch ID cards come in packs of 100 as 100% Blank White PVC cards CR80/30mil standard credit card size (85.6 mm x 54 mm) with Gold foil patch. Magicard HoloPatch cards are also available with HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripes for securely encoded magstripe ID name badges.

Magicard HoloPatch ID Card Printers from AdvantIDge:

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M3610-083 Magicard CR80/30 Gold Holopatch ID Cards – 100 pack

MSRP: $59 each

Magicard 30 Mil CR80 ID cards with Gold Holopatch, 100 pack. Gold foil patch ID cards for use with Magicard Holokote. See more Magicard Holopatch ID cards with Advantidge.

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