Nisca Swiftcolor Card Printers

NiSCA provides ID card printers that produce the industry’s direct to card 24-bit color and 256-grayscale identification cards. NiSCA offers smart card contact IC and contactless memory encoders as well as industry leading security holography and security inks. NiSCA’s reliability and low cost of ownership continues to win numerous driving license authorities, Fortune 1000 companies, as well as colleges and universities.

The most common security features on today’s ID Cards are custom and generic holographic overlaminates, pre-printed micro- or nano-text on cards, and embedded holographic images on card surfaces. Experts in security printing all agree that the more security features in a document, the less likely that document will be counterfeited. In an ideal situation, every ID Card printed would have at lease three security features. With new security features added in recent months, the combinations are endless, and with the easy installation of a Nisca laminator to an existing printer, you can upgrade your Nisca ID card system to increase security in a matter of minutes.

SwiftColor, a division of Nisca offers the industry’s only Oversized Credential printer using blazing fast Ink Jet technology. In addition to printing CR100 size, the SwiftColor can print the most common size for events management in 3.5″ x 5.5″ in an unbelievable 2 seconds per card.

Learn more about the SwiftColor Oversized Printer here.

Nisca constantly strives for the clear goal of meeting market demands in its ventures into new technologies, and no matter how satisfying a project may be to the engineers, it is the market which ultimately passes judgment on ID card printer value. It is precisely for this reason that Nisca is ready to boldly challenge the perceived limits of current engineering when doing so may yield what customers need. Nisca is also working to further raise the level of professionalism of each of its engineers, with the goal of “one achievement per person.”