Transportation ID Cards From AdvantIDgeFew industries today are more dependent on secure ID card technologies than the transportation industry, most importantly for the creation of employee ID badges and customer passes.

Contractors and employees typically use proximity ID cards to gain access to local transportation facilities designated for authorized personnel only, and daily customers use transportation passes for weekly, monthly and even annual usage, while students, senior citizens and disabled citizens often receive free or discounted passes to city transport.

Transit passes come in many forms, and vary from city to city. The more traditional transportation systems rely on prepaid bus and subway passes, but using plastic ID cards with encoded magnetic stripes ensures a swift boarding process. Passengers upon entry swipe their plastic ID passes through a magnetic stripe reader, and the appropriate fare is deducted.

These types of encoded plastic ID card passes can easily be personalized and printed on-site, using a secure ID card printer from Advantidge.

In many cases municipal transportation passes can be combined with other forms of identification such as membership cards to offer those who are authorized entry into multiple facilities from just one identification card. For instance a student ID card could serve to provide students access to local shuttles, buses, and subways, as well as access to student dorms, facilities, etc…

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